The importance of safe operation of large inclination belt conveyor


Now a lot of friends for the use of machinery and equipment are very careless, that as long as the operation will use mechanical equipment on it, in fact, this idea is wrong, take large inclination belt conveyor, such a large machinery Equipment, we only know that it is not desirable to use the method, because in the operation of the process, we often ignore the most security issues can easily lead to security risks, the result will be a small loss, serious will cause Mechanical failure, the following Xiaobian to tell you about the big dip belt conveyor safety operation, as the saying goes: safety responsibility is more important than Taishan.

Belt conveyor in the safe operation of the time to be divided into two steps: the first is before use

1. Confirm that the belt conveyor equipment, personnel, goods are in a safe and intact condition;

2. Check the normal parts of the movement without foreign matter, check all electrical lines are normal.

3. Finally, check that the difference between the supply voltage and the device is rated voltage does not exceed ¡À 5%.


1. Turn on the main power switch, check that the power supply is normal and the power indicator is on. Normal after the next step.

2. Close the power switch of each circuit to check whether it is normal. Under normal conditions: the device does not move, the belt conveyor running indicator does not light, the inverter and other equipment power indicator light, the inverter display panel display normal.

3. In accordance with the process in turn start the electrical equipment, the last electrical equipment to start normal.

In the operation of the belt conveyor, must comply with the provisions of the items to be transported items, to comply with the design of belt conveyor capacity. Second, we should pay attention to all kinds of personnel shall not touch the belt conveyor part of the movement, non-professionals are not free access to electrical components, control buttons and so on.

4. Finally, in the belt conveyor can not run on the inverter after the end of the circuit, such as the need to determine the maintenance, you must stop the frequency of the case to run, otherwise it may damage the inverter.

5. Belt conveyor operation stops, press the stop button until the system stops all the way to cut off the total power.
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