How to choose the long distance belt conveyor for your own


Many customers and friends face a wide range of long distance belt conveyor belt are very headaches, one do not know how to choose, the second is not aware of these different specifications of the big dip belt conveyor What is the difference, so face We have been unable to start this problem. Today Xiaobian here to teach you a few strokes we talk about a long distance belt conveyor belt a variety of how we should choose. long distance belt conveyor is generally divided into four types, namely, steel cord conveyor belt conveyor, rope frame hanging tape conveyor, universal fixed tape conveyor, retractable tape conveyor, the following one for everyone to explain.

1. Steel cord conveyor belt conveyor

Steel cord conveyor belt conveyor has a major feature is able to achieve long-distance transport alone, so that the transport system is simplified, high transport efficiency, equipment costs and transportation costs far lower than the general fabric core tape conveyor. Wire rope tape joints need to be vulcanized, re-glued, the operation process is complex.

2. Rope hanging tape conveyor

This conveyor for the chute and mining area, down the mountain transport, which is characterized by the middle part of the conveyor upper and lower roller and hanger are installed in two parallel rope, wire rope and hanger with slings Hanging on the top beam, the height of the fuselage can be adjusted, and can adapt to the uneven floor, the roadway with water and silt and other conditions.

3. Universal fixed tape conveyor

This conveyor is characterized by: the rack is fixed on the floor or on the basis of multi-use in the inclined shaft, underground main roadway and coal preparation plant, mobile or set up errors,

4. Retractable tape conveyor

In the comprehensive mechanized coal mining face and comprehensive mechanized driving face, the working surface to promote faster, the length of the roadway and the transport distance is also a corresponding change, which requires the transport equipment can be flexible and rapid elongation and shortening, retractable tape Conveyor is designed to fit this need. This conveyor is actually more than a conventional fixed tape conveyor installed a storage storage and a storage device.

The above is four different types of conveyors, customer friends can according to their different needs, to choose different models of equipment, in fact, as a conveyor, we should consider the aspects or should be efficient, other reasons for the auxiliary to choose.
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