The Right Way to Protect HZN concrete mixing plant


Installation of HZN concrete mixing plant need to go through a period of time running, always pay attention to the equipment, in order to make the equipment to achieve the most perfect use of the state can extend the service life. What are the precautions and how to protect the newly built HZN concrete mixing plant? 

First of all to note that the new mixing console at the beginning of the use, can not immediately run at full capacity, or life will be significantly reduced. In addition, the belt machine can not carry the boot. It is forbidden to start the belt and stir the host when the equipment is overhauled. Equipment does not violate the operation of the colleagues should also pay attention to the production, wearing tight clothes and suitable for the safety of supplies. Be sure to wear uniforms and safety supplies.

Understand the knowledge of the equipment after the operation of the equipment so how to protect it? The first to check the joints, such as pins, bolts, etc., must be connected firmly, not loose phenomenon, the bolt must be anti-loose measures, and tightening torque is moderate. The second water supply pipeline, the gas pipeline must be sealed and reliable, there is no leakage, leakage phenomenon. The second aggregate, powder conveyor system joints such as screw conveyor entrance, stirring the host entrance and so must be sealed and reliable, not leaking ash. Belt conveyor installation and post-operation, we must ensure that the center of the rack straightness, both sides of the rack must be level. The rotation of the parts in accordance with the daily maintenance requirements of the corresponding regular filling of oil.
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