Maintenance Method of Waterway System of commercial concrete mixing plant


The water system of the commercial concrete mixing plant is an important part of the equipment of the mixing station. The water system is the core of the control of the humidity of the concrete. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, the maintenance of the waterway system of the mixing station is also very important. Below, Long Ding machinery to take you to understand.

The production of commercial concrete mixing plant can not be separated from the supply of raw materials, timely and adequate supply of raw materials to meet the standard production of commercial concrete mixing plant to ensure the smooth progress. Water and additives as a commercial concrete mixing plant in the production process essential elements, its custody and system maintenance are essential. Selection of water for commercial concrete mixing plant Caution: Water containing more impurities will cause damage to the pump. For the mixing equipment with flow rate or time relay, unclean water may cause waterway obstruction and water metering. Quasi or out of control, so the mixing station must be strictly controlled water to achieve the required standards.

commercial concrete mixing plant water supply system to use Note:
1, with the time relay metering water, centrifugal pump installation location and seal on the water measurement of a great impact on security should be tightly controlled;

2, the normal operation, the pump seal leakage is less than 3-5 drops / min, when the abnormal should be timely maintenance.

3, frozen season production should be put clean water and all storage tanks in the water.

4, the admixture of the delivery system is the most important problem is the adhesion of sedimentation blocking pipe, if the pipeline design is unreasonable, the pipeline is easy to become thinning, therefore, to clean up regularly; another point to note that the admixture The best mix with water to feed, so that the distribution of admixtures in the concrete can be even more uniform. Finally, with the gradual cooling of the climate, the admixture of the delivery system should also be done antifreeze work.
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