What should be done before the mobile concrete mixing plant is used


After the installation of the mobile concrete mixing plant, most customers need to check the equipment, then what should be checked before the operation of the project, check what are the requirements?

1, open the valve exhaust gas system in the gas water separator too much water, open the gas cylinder discharge plugs to release oil and water mixture;

2, weighing device all the control and display part of the normal work, the accuracy of compliance;

3, the electrical device can effectively control the mechanical action, the contact points and dynamic and static contact no significant damage.

4, to enhance the bucket or pull the shovel of the wire rope installation, reel winding are correct, wire rope and pulley in line with regulations to enhance the hopper and pull the bucket of the brake sensitive and effective;

5, the concrete mixing tube and the supporting mechanism of the transmission, movement and warehouse doors, Doumen, track, etc. are no foreign body stuck;

6, the oil tank height of the oil tank meet the requirements;

7, the Department of bolts have been fastened, each into the discharge valve without limit wear, the conveyor belt tension appropriate, not deviation.
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