Development Prospect of mobile concrete mixing plant


With the rapid development of the domestic machinery industry, the development of mobile concrete mixing plant can be described as ever-changing.

First, China is enterprises in the production of concrete can reach the level of garden enterprises, to achieve dust, sewage, residual concrete treatment of zero emissions, with advanced management to ensure the supply of concrete.

Second, in order to meet China is large projects, large volume, long continuous operation requirements, concrete double station to become China is independent development of the product. The device uses dual synchronous control system and computer management system, is now occupied China is commercial mobile concrete mixing plant more than 95% of the market.

Third, the mixing host through nearly 20 years of use, screening and stereotypes, double horizontal axis forced mixer, vertical axis planetary mixer and cone-type reversing out of the material mixer has become China is various concrete mixing of key equipment, stirring 25-35s You can achieve the requirements of concrete homogeneity.

Fourth, the mixing device lubrication and sealing is better, mixer blade and liner life can reach 60,000 -10 million m3 or more.

Fifth, China has a sound ready-mixed concrete and concrete machinery national standards, the standard level in the world is leading ranks. In addition, China has a professional training machinery and training materials, greatly improving the level of commercial concrete preparation.
Sixth, China is mobile concrete mixing plant overloading ability, stop 5s can still be overloaded start, in the ratio of cement and aggregate, energy-saving effect is outstanding, to meet the long time, generous production and operation of the special requirements.

Seventh, China is concrete mixing equipment has been able to stir the label c30-c120 high-performance concrete. Different types of additives, the accuracy of measurement can meet the standard requirements to ensure that mixing and transportation to achieve a large amount of high-lift mechanized construction.

It can be seen that the development of domestic mobile concrete mixing plant, whether in technology, energy-saving environmental superior mixing capacity are still quite perfect, more gratifying is its development continues, we look forward to it to a higher level.
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