Depth analysis of long distance belt conveyor works


Long distance belt conveyor is our life more common transport equipment, daily life in the construction, material transport are generally used to get it, it is a big advantage that can be a large angle of transport materials, the maximum angle can reach 70 ¡ã, The maximum capacity of the transmission of materials to solve peoples material to enhance the problem. For such a good and easy to use large machinery and equipment, many friends want to know how it is the principle of transmission, that is, we all want to know what it is to rely on to work, the author summed up the four for everyone.

1. The conveyor is conveyed by the friction between the drive roller and the tape, so we must tighten the tape with the tensioning device so that the tape has a certain initial tension at the separation of the drum.

2. We also know that the tape is running on the idler with the cargo. Tape is both a traction mechanism and a bearing mechanism. There is no relative movement between the carrier and the tape, eliminating the frictional resistance of the tape and the carrier during operation.

3. There is a roller bearing roller, the tape and the roller is rolling friction between, so the running resistance is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the power consumption, increasing the transport distance.

4. To ensure that the tape conveyor belt in the drive roller does not slip, normal operation, in the production practice according to different circumstances to take appropriate measures. Improve the lubrication effect of the tape, in order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor.
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