Introduction of large inclination belt conveyor type


Large inclination belt conveyor first began in the fifties and sixties of last century, at that time due to limited scientific and technological strength, so many old belt conveyor is a simple mechanical transport tool, not as widely used now, and the old belt conveyor The maximum transport angle of the machine was about 15 ¡ã to 20 ¡ã. Far less than our current large angle belt conveyor conveyor material tilt angle is high. With the progress of science and technology and development, large angle belt conveyor performance has also been steadily improved, a variety of performance is now, the author today to focus on to talk about the large inclination belt conveyor Of several types.

This is also one of the common types of large inclination belt conveyor, as the name suggests, turning belt machine is different from the large inclination belt conveyor, it can achieve a horizontal angle of the corner, which is its own advantage First, the turning conveyor can better transport materials that are not easily transported vertically.

Second, the climbing belt machine: climbing belt machine is the most obvious feature of the "slow" However, because this "slow" will receive everyone so favored, because there is no speed soaring, relatively speaking, climbing hoist Material is more stable, more stable performance.

Third, straight belt machine: straight belt machine and turning belt machine is relative, straight belt machine can only convey material in one direction, and can not turn.

Fourth, the light belt machine: light belt machine biggest advantage is that it is smaller, easy to move the staff, easy to operate.

Fifth, loading and unloading belt machine: loading and unloading belt machine is an intelligent transportation machinery and equipment, it is automatic integration of loading and unloading, of course, the use of the highest cost is a transmission equipment, because of its intelligence, greatly liberated the workers working time And labor.
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