The concept and composition of planetary concrete mixer


Now the construction industry is extremely rapid development, as one of the building materials, concrete also will be rapid development, which makes a lot of investors have seen the benefits, but for some of the common sense of planetary concrete mixer to know people know is not special More, the following for everyone to analyze it.

Planetary concrete mixer is composed of a variety of concrete raw materials according to a certain proportion of ingredients, and then in accordance with a certain process of mixing and mixing, and finally produce a certain performance of the concrete equipment.

Although the various forms of concrete mixing plant produced by a variety of specific forms, but the basic form and composition of knots are similar. Now the popular mixing station is basically a computer as the control of the core, control a variety of materials automatically ingredients, automatic lifting, mixing and discharge, and some data statistics, report printing and other auxiliary functions. From the functional points, a variety of concrete mixing plant generally consists of the following parts:
1, storage silo: storage sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, to the ingredients for the material;

2, Ingredients: in accordance with a certain proportion of gravel and other materials, mainly by a variety of scales, but also the use of volume measurement by the flow of measurement equipment;

3, to enhance the body: mainly used to enhance gravel aggregate;

4, mixer: the various raw materials to be stirred, and finally the formation of concrete;

5, the control system: control the various parts of the coordination of work to complete a certain production process.

Planetary concrete mixer several components of their duties, complement each other, together to ensure the normal operation of the mixing station.
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