Selection skills of Long Distance Belt Conveyor


A little common sense of friends will know that we will be in the first time to buy things to understand this thing, especially in the purchase of machinery and equipment, we will first understand its performance, internal structure, how to repair, how to install, how Use and so on. When customers buy long distance belt conveyor, they are often troubled by a problem, that is, I should choose that kind of conveyor? In fact, Xiaobian tell you that this problem is well resolved, different types of conveyors in the use of the time will indeed be slightly different, but we all know that these mechanical equipment from the principle to the structure are basically the same, like, What is the biggest difference between a machine and a long distance belt conveyor? That is, whether he can convey the material at a large angle. Today the author will tell you about the long distance belt conveyor model should be how to choose.

First of all we should know that the conveyor model is the weight of the transport object, the size and its hanging way; the general conveyor are taken in the form of plug-in, which is conducive to the placement of materials, but also easy to operate our technical staff. And then the length of the conveyor line and its complexity, that is, the number of horizontal rotation and vertical bending section; technical staff know that the length of the conveyor line is extremely complex, the general non-professionals can not touch. The working conditions and working frequency of the conveyor; the speed and productivity of the conveyor; the special process requirements. Although the conveyor process requirements are more complex, but it is also worthwhile because of the complex, because the conveyor is not a very simple and very small mechanical equipment. It is one of the indispensable equipment for our construction industry, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The power roller table consists of a power roller barrel assembly, an aluminum side plate, a chip holder, a rod, a seat, a drive device and a chain. The powerless roller table consists of a non-powered roller assembly, an aluminum side plate, a frame, a tie rod, and a seat. The power roller table drives the traction chain by the drive device, and the chain drives the sprockets on the power drums to rotate, thereby operating by the rotation. The non-powered roller presses the workpiece by pressing the workpiece or the workpiece on the free roll.
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