The Solution to the Spreading Problem of large inclination belt conveyor


Friends who use a large inclination belt conveyor should know that the large inclination belt conveyor has many advantages, such as its large amount of material delivery, low noise, and the ability to maximize the material to enhance the transport, is our construction industry rare large One of the mechanical equipment. But anything is good and bad, large inclination belt conveyor has a key problem is that it is uneven when the sprinkle material, and it is easy to cause congestion. These problems will bring us serious consequences, likely to cause our property damage. So how should we solve this problem? The author will tell you the following recipe.

1. The conveyor is always sprinkled when the belt is running because the belt is running because the two edges of the height of the change, resulting in the material from the low side of the sprinkle, so this time we should Adjust the deviation of the belt.

2. The transfer point is mainly in the hopper hopper, guide trough, etc.. Belt Conveyor Belt Severe Overload, Belt Conveyor Belt Groove Belt Rubber Skirt Damaged, Guide Trough Steel Design Time Longer Belt Longer Rubber Skirt Longer Material Exceeds the material.

When the radius of curvature of the concave section is small, the belt will be vacated, and the belt will change as a result of the change of the belt, since the belt has left the grooved roller group and the general groove angle has changed. Small, so that part of the material spilled out. Such as in the mobile mechanical loading machine, heap reclaimer equipment in order to shorten the tail car and the concave section of this design into a non-circular transition interval, when the belt width is relatively easy to use when the smaller amount of scavenging material.
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