Large inclination belt conveyor design points inventory


Large inclination belt conveyor in the initial design has a great advantage, because the large inclination belt conveyor application is not widely used, so in the design of more efforts to meet the needs of customers, in fact, the amount of each mechanical equipment Design has its extraordinary uniqueness. We all know that there are many kinds of equipment on the conveyor, then their design is not the same, we can see from the name suggests, big dip belt conveyor design center is the "big angle" of the three words, Can convey the material at maximum angle, which is also a bright spot for it. The following Xiaobian for everyone to find on the large inclination belt conveyor design points information, we hope to help.

First of all we have to consider is: work environment, conditions and conditions. The time of operation of the large inclination belt conveyor, the operating frequency, the service life of the belt conveyor, the method of feeding and discharging. The second is that we also take into account the belt conveyor working environment, the situation: ambient temperature, open air or indoor, environmental requirements, mobile or fixed, telescopic requirements. Transport lines and conveyor belt problems, said the problem, we should consider in detail the size of the transmission line, including: inclination, the maximum length, height; straight line, the size of the curve segment; connection size. There is also a key issue is the conveyor belt, conveyor belt design related to the lifeblood of the entire device, we have to rely on the book conveyor belt requirements, frictional resistance, friction coefficient, safety factor and so on. These are important factors that we have to consider when designing. Finally, one of the most important is the large inclination belt conveyor delivery, the amount of delivery can basically determine a machine is good or bad, the customer in the choice of time will also be the amount of delivery as a mechanical equipment to determine the quality of the standard. The amount of delivery, the material can be directly reached when the amount of uniform delivery, the material flow can be considered when the material flow to the basic statistical data.
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