Maintenance Method of long distance belt conveyor catcherof


Long distance belt conveyor for long-term engaged in the construction industry for you, will not be unfamiliar, he can be said that our production industry, construction industry, processing industry hero why so to say it? Because if there is no long distance belt conveyor for material transport and transportation, then only rely on our manpower, these are impossible to achieve. Long distance belt conveyor area is small, but the delivery volume, as the name suggests, he can also be a great point of view to the material delivery, or even vertical transport. Compared to the hoist, the advantages of natural self-evident. Then there is a belt conveyor is an electro-hydraulic control belt conveyor, we must also be more familiar with, then you know that electro-hydraulic control conveyor belt breakers running when they need to pay attention to that point?

1. Check the tractor drive every day, find the problem in a timely manner.

2. Fixed spotting to clean up the fouling on both sides of the catcher, thus keeping the catcher clean in good condition

3. Each week should be open to the arrestor block institutions, the next hook device linked to the hinge joints filling grease.

4. Check whether the fasteners around the catcher are loose.

5. Each quarter of the transmission parts should be filled with a grease.

6. should be a half year should be carried out a rewinding test, found that the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner.

7. Operation Safety Precautions: Do not dial the trigger trigger switch during operation.

8. Check the hydraulic hydraulic pusher hydraulic oil every six months, not enough time to add hydraulic oil.
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