Research on Turning Theory of Large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor, as the name suggests is a large inclination of the material transport, with the rapid economic development, China is construction industry is also rapid progress, large inclination belt conveyor is widely used in the construction industry, so many people on the belt Machine prospects are very good. China is work in the belt conveyor work began very early, the earliest time can be traced back to Shanghai in 1956, in a technical workers under the study, to achieve a common belt conveyor plane transport material process, Should and belt conveyor can turn, this is a small progress.

Later, the domestic specialized technical experts began to study how the large inclination belt conveyor can turn flat, the problem in the domestic plane turning technology theory is still in the development stage, the plane turning belt conveyor theory research first carried out in some colleges and universities, such as Shandong Institute of Mining and Northeastern University, Sun Kewen of Shandong Mining Institute in the 1980s, studied the turning operation of the belt conveyor with close proximity, and gave the calculation example of the radius of curvature and the stability of the belt conveyor The important conditions of operation, the constraints imposed by the turn, and the recommendations on the range of the curve formation and the range of the parameters of the turning section.

1. The belt conveyor has been studied.

2. The formula for calculating the radius of curvature at the time of slope rotation is given, and the radius of curvature is taken as the maximum of the three calculations

3. Calculate the radius of curvature without the idler on the outside tape.
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