How to install the long distance belt conveyor


We all know that the long distance belt conveyor construction machinery commonly used one of the so-called large angle is that it can be transported to the large angle of raw materials, great liberation of human labor, is the construction of one of the rare mechanical equipment, So what is the way to promote the conveyor belt conveyor process? The answer is naturally the driving device, the drive device for the large angle conveyor has a vital role, so a reasonable installation of the drive device to become our technical staff must know the knowledge, the following came to give you a summary of how to install long distance belt conveyor Of the drive.

1. First install the drive wheel and base. Need to make the level of drawings and specifications to meet the requirements, and then tighten the anchor bolts, and horn playing real.

2. Install the coupling installation When using hot assembly, first carefully correct the specific size of the shaft and hole, and to develop the heating time and temperature values; followed by a hole with the actual value of the same size after heating.

3. Measure the size of the heating aperture at any time, prevent the heating is not enough or too much, in the heating to be ready to cool items, and to do a good job of fire prevention.

4. After picking up the construction sequence, immediately organize the size of the line according to the drawings. Re-test the basis of the center line, elevation and buried anchor bolts, buried plate size, and drawings and equipment, the actual size of the control. After the test results are passed, the installation of the base point of the laying and laying.

5. Reducer motor installation to drive the wheel as the benchmark to adjust to ensure that the drawings and random files on the size requirements of the various parts.
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