Electrical System Configuration of Twin-shaft concrete mixer


Twin-shaft concrete mixer mechanical and electrical parts of the two, for the mixing station electrical system configuration, we asked to do the following.

1. The twin-shaft concrete mixer in the production requirements of the electrical control system can achieve automatic control of the entire process, that is, to achieve the entire mixing plant production site management staff do not need too much to complete the whole process; so we control the mixing station System configuration requirements to do one person in control, a full set of operations.

2. Electrical control system in the twin-shaft concrete mixer weighing system with zero output, can automatically tare, modify the gap, for a single material weighing to have a deduction function, can more effectively control the measurement accuracy , And have a light alarm device;

3. The entire equipment monitoring system also need to be configured in place, but also easy to sudden situation, the electrical control personnel can be informed and properly handled.

4. Electrical control system can achieve convenient input, easy to operate, and can accurately adjust and modify the set value of each material; electrical control system must have a perfect self-locking and interlocking function, to ensure accurate and reliable operation of the system, for Common fault electrical control system must have fault detection and alarm function;

5. twin-shaft concrete mixer Sometimes working at night, the lighting is certain, the lighting is of course part of the electrical control system, so the electrical control system to ensure the flexible control of the lighting.
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