The use of the various parts of long distance belt conveyor


Long distance belt conveyor as the name suggests can be a large angle can even reach the vertical transport, long-term work in the frontline of the technical staff must not unfamiliar to it, it has a large amount of transportation, maintenance is simple, small footprint, etc., is the construction Indispensable one of the large machinery, then you know the big angle belt conveyor all parts of the role of what is it? Theauthor give you the following popular science belt conveyor belt of all parts of the use.

1. Idler: The roller is used to support the conveyor belt and the material on the belt to make it stable. This series has two types of parallel roller and flat type roller

2. Drive device: is the power part of the conveyor. By the Y series motor, ZJ-type shaft-mounted reducer, wedge-type backstop.

3. Vertical roller: vertical roller used to limit the conveyor belt deviation, and installed in the upper and lower over the rack. Each filter section rack with four, up and down the two

4. Drive roller: is the main component of power transmission, conveyor belt and the drive roller with the friction between the run.

5. Corrugated conveyor belt: in the conveyor from the traction and bearing role. The corrugated barrier, the diaphragm and the baseband form a "gate" shaped container for conveying the material, thereby achieving a large dip angle conveyance.

6. Picking the wheel cleaning device: used to beat the conveyor belt on the back, the earthquake sticking material on the conveyor belt.

7. Change the drum: used to change the direction of operation of the conveyor belt. The drum is used for the lower surface of the conveyor belt (non-bearing surface).

8. Press wheel: used to change the direction of operation of the conveyor belt, pressure roller for the conveyor belt on the surface (bearing surface).

9. Belt roll: The carrier roller is used to support the lower part of the conveyor belt on the convex arc frame, which is supported on the empty side of the conveyor belt. A plurality of sets of carrier rollers form an arc segment for redirecting the conveyor belt. The carrier roller is supported by cantilever.

10. Tightening device: its role is: 1. To make the conveyor belt with sufficient tension to ensure that the conveyor belt and drive roller does not slip between. 2. Limit the conveyor belt in the bearing between the sag, so that the normal operation of the conveyor. This series adopts screw tensioning device.
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