Conveying Process of Carbon Asphalt by Large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor in the construction work is one of the rare equipment, it has a stable operation, good cleaning effect, the noise is relatively small and so on, the so-called large angle is that it can be a large angle of transport, or even vertical delivery. His structure is simple, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and an area of small, large inclination belt conveyor on the carbon asphalt transport process is how it?

Because the belt conveyor works when the material conveyed on the rotation of the spiral blade to produce axial and circumferential force, the material in the screw machine rolling forward movement. The conveying condition of the bulk material in the belt conveyor is continuous and the mixing will be carried out during the transportation, while the dispersion of the material is ensured. Therefore, the belt conveyor is one of the best metering and conveying equipment for granular granular material.

In the fabric leveling system of the automatic assembly line of the cathode carbon block, the belt conveyor is the equipment for measuring and conveying the material. Because the conveyed material contains asphalt, so that the material has a certain viscosity, the general belt conveyor in the transmission of viscous material is easy to produce bonding and plugging, or excessive extrusion of the material to change the transport of materials Physical or chemical properties, therefore, the general belt conveyor is not suitable for large or long distance transport of viscous material, in a small amount and short distance transport of viscous material, its structure and the delivery of general grain material belt conveyor is also different. The effects of the structure and operating parameters of the belt conveyor on the physical properties of the materials and the influence of the material on the structure of the belt conveyor during the transportation are studied for the specific materials of the carbon asphalt paste. Improve the belt conveyors corresponding structure and operating parameters to make it suitable for viscous granular material delivery.
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