The reason why the HZN concrete mixing plant needs lubrication


HZN concrete mixing plant needs to be punctured and protected, not only to ensure that the normal work of the HZN concrete mixing plant can also be a great extent to advance its service life.

When we choose the HZN concrete mixing plant lubricants, we must choose to meet the viscosity and viscosity temperature, good antioxidant stability, low pour point, without mechanical impurities and moisture as well as non-corrosive and abrasive substances. These are all we need to pay attention, expect to be very good to help us to end the HZN concrete mixing plant lubrication work. Check the silo, the pool can be loaded, to reach the request; check the mixing blade and liner space, when the failure to adjust; check the various weighing Of the weighing accuracy; check the gas is not a leak, leakage appearance, if timely repair; need to refuel the local to refuel, need to add lubricant to add local lubricant. Work, after the first work to do the work is to clean up the work, to clean up the mixing console and stir the main building and unloading hopper inside the residue, be sure to clean up; remember to put the gas cylinder Do not forget to close the total power supply; from time to time to check the simple loose bolts and nuts and the feet are not loose, you need to open the local cleaning to open up to check the liner, the blade wear, See if there is no loosening or damage, to timely repair, if necessary, to change the new.
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