Solution of Pipeline Problem in commercial concrete mixing plant


Commercial concrete mixing plant in operation, the most troublesome problem encountered is that some joints of the pipeline appears to leak or damage. Although usually these pipes will be in the factory before the special treatment, but in the event of the situation, the whole huge station or have to stop all the inspection and analysis. Even if this will be delayed work, but you have to go to handle it.

Usually the commercial concrete mixing plant problems are mostly leakage of the main pipeline. If at work, to hear the sound of unusual spill, you should first put the work in front of a bit, follow the air to pass the place to find the location of students. If it is found that the sound of this type is due to the interface crack or the connection of the rupture of the skin caused by the first site should stop the work, and then inform the relevant leadership, so that they send a special person to repair and replacement. Do not ignore the problems found, and then work on weekdays. Concrete piping problems in addition to the leakage of this one, there will be internal congestion situation. This situation will be due to different locations and seasons, more appear in the Shuofang after the frost. At this time the pool wall together with the discharge of clean water, because the night temperature is low, and condensed into ice. The next day in the use of time, because there will be ice in the pipeline, which led to the closure of the pipeline, affecting the use of weekdays.
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