Long distance belt conveyor transformation of the specific program


Long distance belt conveyor is widely used in household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and other industries are widely involved, long distance belt conveyor has become an indispensable equipment, but sometimes long distance belt conveyor in order to better adapt to our Need, we need to transform it, then in the end how to transform it? Xiaobian for everyone to collect several methods.

1. In the middle of the road with a centralized drive mode, the power match is 2: 2

2. Drive unit configuration: the transformation of four drive unit chassis, the "motor + hydraulic coupling + hydraulic brake + reducer + drive roller" configuration to "motor + liquid sticky soft start + reducer + drive roller "

3. Brake device: keep two disc brakes, the new installation of a set of brake hydraulic station.

The worst downtime for the lower conveyor belt is the downtime when the coal flow is in the inclined channel. If the brake is unreliable, it may be running, so the inter-disc brake is used and the soft start The device is designed to achieve a smooth downtime in the worst case of the lower conveyor belt, reducing the impact on equipment and tape joints. The specific role of disc brakes is:

1.JH often stop, the disk brake device hydraulic station electro-hydraulic proportional valve current by PLC control electronic control procedures to change the requirements to adjust the oil pressure and braking torque to long distance belt conveyor to (0.1? 0.3) m / S2 deceleration steady stop.

2. Emergency stop and the system suddenly shut down when the power down, the system through the disk brake device hydraulic station speed valve and flow valve with the long distance belt conveyor can be a smooth stop, to avoid the tape connector and the impact of equipment.

3. In the full load from the car, the brake will gradually reduce the long distance belt conveyor to achieve soft start to reduce the long distance belt conveyor to start the impact of electrical and mechanical.
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