Popular science knowledge: the installation method of long distance belt conveyor


Long-term work in the frontline of the technical staff should be very familiar with the operation of the machine, but for the long distance belt conveyor may be relatively familiar with the installation, long distance belt conveyor should be how to install it? The author for everyone to prepare a detailed installation steps for your reference.

First, before installation:

1. Transfer the tower and the silo after the end of the belt machine installation.

2. All belt machines are installed and adjusted in accordance with geological parameters and drawings.

Second, when installed


2. Check the civil construction, see the anchor bolts and embedded steel plate situation

3. Check the location of the various parts of the belt machine

4. Install the truss according to the anchor bolts

5. Installation and adjustment equipment (including upper and lower roller, wiper, drive, etc.)

6. Install the tape hoist

7. Install the telescopic head

8. Install the guide trough

9. Install the tensioning device

10. Install all electrical part brackets

11. Tape cutting and vulcanization connection

Third, after installation

1. Check the tape before installation Check whether the belt machine and drawings and geological graphics parameters consistent.

2. Install the cable duct

3. Installation limit switch, protection devices, electric control cabinet and so on

4. Installation lighting

5. Lay the cable
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