Long distance belt conveyor overload protection measures


In the transport of materials, the production process, we often face a variety of technical problems, if these problems did not get a reasonable and effective solution, it is likely to affect the progress of the project, belt conveyor in the course of the use of A sudden increase in the flow will lead to stuck bucket, how can we solve these problems?

The role of the overload protection device is in the long distance belt conveyor transport material during the operation, the material suddenly increased or into the foreign body stuck excavated material bucket and other abnormal circumstances caused by the sudden increase in load, the protection of traction Components and gears. Overload protection device commonly used hydraulic coupling, current relay overcurrent protection 2 kinds.

In the transmission system of the long distance belt conveyor, the coupling between the motor and the reducer can effectively protect against its operation. The hydraulic coupling is a flexible transmission of the kinetic energy of the liquid, and its working principle is achieved by the pump and the turbo, the potential energy conversion, the two have a certain slip, when the long distance belt conveyor overload And the coupling torque of the coupling shaft is increased, the slip of the coupling is automatically increased until the brake is driven. At this time, the motor can be rotated and the coupling has no power output, thus acting as an overload protection.

Current relay overcurrent protection is in the long distance belt conveyor electrical control system with thermal relay or current relay, when the hopper overload will lead to increased operating current, when the operating current value exceeds the thermal relay set value, Relay action cut off the power, which play the role of overload protection.
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