The knowledge explain of large inclination belt conveyor


Long-term work in the frontline of the technical staff must have no stranger to the large inclination belt conveyor, then how does it work in the end, and what is the characteristics of its transmission principle? This requires everyone to understand one by one, the following author with you to carefully understand the characteristics of the large inclination belt conveyor with the principle of transmission to facilitate the use of more skilled, better skilled to use large inclination belt conveyor.

1. The traction force of the large inclination belt conveyor is transmitted by the friction between the drive roller and the tape. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the tape with the tensioning device so that the tape has a certain initial tension at the separation of the drum.

2. Tape is both a traction mechanism, but also a bearing mechanism, there is no relative movement between the carrier and the tape, eliminating the friction between the tape and the cargo. As the roller is equipped with rolling bearings, tape and roller between the rolling friction, so the running resistance is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the power consumption, increasing the transport distance. For a tape conveyor, the size of its traction transmission capacity depends on the tension of the tape, the tape around the drum on the drum and the friction coefficient between the tape and the drive roller. To ensure that the tape conveyor belt in the drive roller does not slip, normal operation, in the production practice according to different circumstances to take appropriate measures. Improve the traction ability to start from the following aspects:
Increased tension (initial tension). Tape conveyor in operation, the tape to be elongated, resulting in traction decreased, so according to the situation, the use of tensioning device to tighten the tape properly, increase the tape tension to improve traction

3. Increase the friction coefficient. The specific measures are: to protect the transmission roller covered with wood lining or rubber and other pads to increase the friction coefficient, on the other hand to less water and coal to prevent friction coefficient reduction.

4. increase the perimeter angle. Underground tape conveyor due to poor working conditions, the required traction, so more use of double drum drive to increase the envelope angle.
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