The arrangement of commercial concrete mixing


There are three ways to arrange the commercial concrete mixing plant: horizontal, vertical, and mobile concrete mixing stations.

Horizontal commercial concrete mixing plant, the general material or to go through the second upgrade, that is, the first material to the equipment once raised to the storage hopper, and then after weighing the material, according to the needs of the processing needs to be used to transfer To the mixer. Because this form of commercial concrete mixing plant in the use of a simple structure, less investment, the advantages of small building height, are generally used in the small commercial concrete mixing plant works. The disadvantage of the equipment is that the material is required to be raised twice, which will result in a low efficiency of the production of the equipment and a low degree of automation of the horizontal commercial concrete mixing plant. These are shortcomings, areas requiring improvement, and Are in the small and medium-sized cities choose to use.

Vertical material commercial concrete mixing plant, the equipment needs to be processed materials are to upgrade once, after the need to rely on the way of their own weight to the need to process the various processes. Is the advantage of high efficiency, small footprint, and is conducive to the use of the implementation of automatic equipment, vertical product commercial concrete mixing plant is the disadvantage of its equipment structure is too complex, so that in the production of manufacturing costs will increase a lot, and its Installed with a lot of technical difficulty. Currently used are large enterprise manufacturers.

Mobile goods commercial concrete mixing plant is the feeding, storage, mixing and unloading and a series of devices are combined to install a base on the way. The mobile commercial concrete mixing plant has the advantage of being compact, easy to carry, and can also be operated directly in the field, thereby reducing the transport distance of the concrete, which effectively saves effective economic costs. For some small works or maintenance of the project can be used to choose. The above is the description of the layout of the commercial concrete mixing plant, according to the use of the size of the project, as well as geographical needs to choose to use their own use of commercial concrete mixing plant, which can not only reduce the unnecessary trouble, but also can effectively improve economic benefit.

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