The Method of Optimizing the Structure of large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor is a general-purpose conveyor equipment, for different models, the load is not the same. In order to reduce the design cycle and meet the conditions of use of each load, the shuttle can be in the load under the load stress, strain, etc. to prepare the design form, so that the design of different projects for the shuttle mechanism according to its load type.

When the large inclination belt conveyor is selected for the size of the shuttle mechanism with a certain load, it is sometimes possible to obtain a strain gauge of the machine under the same load when selecting a certain type of shuttle mechanism because of the overall size and avoidance of interference. Reduce the equipment design cycle, reduce the cost of the equipment. Assuming that the shuttle mechanism of an electric reciprocating conveyor in an item is taken as an example, the size of the shuttle mechanism is optimized at a load of 16000 N to minimize the material used to meet the strain conditions.

In the optimization of the shuttle mechanism, not only can the internal weight of the role of the hole to increase the processing, but also on the overall size of the reduction, that is, both sides of the guide wheel to install the location of the size of the optimization, the same can Reduce the use of materials. The optimization of the shuttle mechanism and the strain of the shuttle mechanism under different loads and the same load are helpful and useful for the selection of the shuttle mechanism in the design of the large inclination belt conveyor in the future project.

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