Long distance belt conveyor Fracture with the knowledge of the catcher


The belt breakage of the long distance belt conveyor is not perfect, and there are some problems that have not yet been perfected. After many years of field investigation, scheme formulation, structural design, theoretical research and so on, the structure of the catcher , Function, performance, and strength calculations.

1. The new structure of the electro-hydraulic control type stripping trap catches in the shortcoming of overcoming the unreliability of the existing mechanical catcher after the fault belt. On the basis of drawing drawing design, the electronic control system design, to ensure the consistency of the capture action and safety and reliability.

2. Virtual assembly and structure optimization design of electro-hydraulic control type stripping catcher, Simdesigner, CATIA and ADAMS interface software, is used to simulate the capture process of the stripper in ADAMS simulation software. The simulation results show that the designed fault capture device can achieve the predetermined action and ensure the effective catch after the fault.

3. Kinematic and kinetic analysis of the pendulum pressure stroke of the electrohydraulic control type belt catcher, the process of the hydraulic hydraulic pusher and the process of the loading and unloading of the upper gate. The results show that the designed Structure to meet the design requirements for the manufacture of physical prototype to provide a reliable basis.

The finite element analysis of the structural strength is carried out by using CATIA software. The results show that the designed catapult arresters work at rated load of 27KN without damaging the whole structure.

The study of the long distance belt conveyor with a long distance belt conveyor is a very challenging, innovative and practical problem. Despite a lot of research work, but due to limited time, the prototype is still manufacturing, product testing to be carried out, still need to further study and further improve.
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