Safe operating procedures for mobile concrete mixing station


1, mobile concrete mixing station should be installed in a solid pedestal.
2, the console of the mixer, the operator should be able to see the work of the ministries. Electric mixer console, should be pad on the rubber plate or dry wood.
3, hopper into the lowest position, between the hopper and the ground, should add a layer of cushion wood.
4, before the operation of key inspection items should meet the following requirements:
A. The voltage drop of the power supply voltage does not exceed 5% of the rated value;
B. Motor and electrical components of the wiring is firm, to protect the zero or grounding resistance to meet the requirements;
C. The transmission mechanism, work devices, brakes, etc. are fast and reliable, open gear, pulley, etc. are protective cover;
D. Gear box of oil, oil meet the requirements.
E. Check the air compressor self-protection device is normal, the pressure is stable between 0.5-0.7Mpa.
F Check whether the metering bucket is in a free state, with or without interference.
5, before the operation, you should start the mixer no-load operation should be confirmed that the stirring cylinder or blade rotation direction and the arrow on the cylinder in the same direction shown on the reverse of the mixer, the mixer should be positive and reverse run for several minutes , And should be no impact jitter phenomenon and abnormal noise.
6, before the operation should be hopper to enhance the test, should observe and confirm the clutch, brake flexible and reliable.
7, when feeding, it is strictly prohibited to head or hand into the hopper and the rack between the operation, is strictly prohibited by hand or tool into the mixing barrel within the picking material, the material.
8, the mixer operation, when the hopper rises, it is strictly forbidden to stay or pass under the hopper; when the need to repair or clean the pit under the hopper, the hopper should be raised after the chain or insert the pin to lock.
9, to the mixing tank should be carried out in the operation, add a new material should be the original mixer before the original concrete can be discharged before the concrete.
10, the operation, should observe the mechanical operation, when there is abnormal or bearing temperature rise is too high, it should stop inspection; when the need for maintenance, the mixing cylinder should be clear the concrete, and then overhaul.
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