Installation method of main components of HZN oncrete mixing plant


HZN oncrete mixing plant main parts installation method you know?
(1) Stirring the host equipment: the mixer under the plane under the appropriate pad height, with the hinge will be connected with the host and the host, a good cement scale, water scale, additive scale in the future, you can lift, measure and adjust the host chassis, So that the level of the center line and the center line with each other after the center line can be filled with anchor bolts in the pit (or the base and the installation of embedded welding).
(2) some other equipment: host and cement warehouse equipment after the end of the equipment can be screw conveyor, before lifting, check the lubrication point filling oil and grease, to be empty operation test, found that the problem in time, Some of the equipment, according to the basis of the request in place, a small batching machine placed in a solid foundation pier can be on the plane, large batch of equipment pleated to anchor the anchor bolts, the machinery after the end of some equipment, check all the equipment Lubricating point filled with lubricating oil (Northeast in winter to be replaced with suitable low temperature conditions of lubricating oil) or grease, you can according to the instructions and electrical schematics request wiring and empty operation test.
(3) The cement bolts of the cement warehouse are poured into the foundation pit. After adjusting the center line of the cement silo support and the centerline of the base, adjust the above four flanges on the same level (measurement method: theodolite or diameter 8-10 Of the transparent plastic hose plus colorful water measurement method), you can choose the concrete pouring. Pre-pit pouring concrete trademark should be higher than the base of concrete used in the winter construction, in order to shorten the duration, the use of concrete should be added early antifreeze.
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