Long distance belt conveyor Product Classification


The majority of new and old customers and enthusiastic users should be learned on the Internet, long distance belt conveyor has a strong applicability, it is the most widely used is the most energy efficient equipment. However, it will inevitably be in the feed, transfer material, discharge time, dust and blanking, and even the occurrence of the belt of the situation, the need for timely maintenance and repair. If you want to achieve the curve of the material required to use more than one unit to drive the belt, and the tilt can not exceed 22 degrees. In order to improve the above-mentioned lack of equipment are:

1. A flexible long distance belt conveyor

    The section of the bendable long distance belt conveyor is by setting some rollers, which can be turned around with a long distance belt conveyor when the direction of the material needs to be changed. Bendable long distance belt conveyor in the delivery of limestone, stone and other materials have a good effect and application. Now has a material handling capacity of 300 tons, the curve of the minimum bending radius of 30 meters, the bandwidth of 600mm, with a speed range from 90-150 m / min turnable long distance belt conveyor.

2. Tubular long distance belt conveyor

    Tubular long distance belt conveyor can be used for large inclination of material handling. Material in the delivery is completely closed in the tube, the use of six roller group to support, will not occur material splash and falling phenomenon, is a pollution-free transport machinery. The tube conveyor can realize the bidirectional conveying of the material curve, the material conveying angle can reach 30 ¡ã. The material conveyor size of the maximum size of 600mm, in the material delivery, not suitable for large transport occasions, the size of the material is also required delivery. In the transport process is completely wrapped in the material between the double belt, the equipment installed space is smaller.

3. Air cushion long distance belt conveyor

    Air cushion long distance belt conveyor is through the air flow through the conveyor belt path holes in the conveyor belt to produce a certain pressure to bear the material on the conveyor belt gravity, and no longer by the idler to support the weight. Air resistance compared to the friction resistance is small, so you can reduce the power required by the conveyor, then the conveyor belt speed increases and reduces the equipment occupied space. There are a number of small holes in the air slot of the air-cushion long distance belt conveyor, which are arranged along the length of the conveyor. The principle of the supporting force is the same as that of the hydrostatic bearing. Compared to the front of the conveyor, air-cushion long distance belt conveyor without the roller and the friction between the belt resistance, only the resistance of the air. This kind of conveyor because there is no roller, so the noise will be smaller, the equipment maintenance work reduced.
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