Advantages of detachable large inclination belt conveyor design


Large inclination belt conveyor is composed of various parts of the combination of parts and components, during the use of threads, pins and other mechanical way to connect, removable, once the parts damaged after the convenience of easy to replace; but from the part level, large inclination belt conveyor The composition of parts from the functional point of view, not too much to consider the system maintenance and discarded after the elimination of spare parts and materials recovery. Therefore, the study of the detachable design of the large inclination belt conveyor is of great significance to reduce the production operation cost, save the resources and protect the environment.

Hydraulic automatic tensioning device to ensure that the large inclination belt conveyor in normal work can automatically adjust the pressure, so that the tension is always stable. large inclination belt conveyor The hydraulic automatic tensioning device is a subsystem in the large inclination belt conveyor system. To realize the authenticity of the virtual prototyping function, it must be placed in a relatively realistic large inclination belt conveyor simulation environment. But the establishment of the large inclination belt conveyor virtual prototyping system is much more complicated than the tensioning device prototype, the workload is also much larger.

When the large inclination belt conveyor is completed, the hydraulic automatic tensioning device will automatically switch to the normal working state, switching work mainly rely on two two-way electromagnetic valve to complete. Reversing valve in a short time to complete the oil switch, the oil due to inertia will cause the impact of the hydraulic system, resulting in dynamic load. However, in practical applications, the large inclination belt conveyor solenoid valve for the high frequency, time is short, usually milliseconds, and time can not be adjusted. It is not ideal to improve the stability of the system by extending the electromagnetic commutation time. Through the electromagnetic reversing valve to a reasonable control of the commutation time, continuous adjustment valve port flow, to achieve a smooth commutation, to eliminate the impact of the system commutation, increased large inclination belt conveyor system operation stability and reliability.
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