Precautions for Quality Control of commercial Concrete mixing plant


To the winter, commercial concrete mixing plant after the appearance of concrete quality control should pay attention to what?

First, the concrete mixing plant construction site inspection staff, responsible for the scene of the vehicle deployment and concrete quality control work. As soon as possible to compress the concrete discharge time to ensure that the concrete into the mold temperature.

Second, the commercial concrete mixing plant construction site quality inspectors in the pouring of concrete, to see whether the surface of the template freeze or snow and other factors affecting the quality of concrete exists.

Third, the concrete pouring is completed, it is necessary to promptly notify the construction unit, the concrete covered with plastic film and blankets and other insulation conservation work to ensure that the concrete is not frozen before the initial freeze; winter construction of water shall not be water conservation, concrete strength of 1.2 MPa before, not on the stampede, support and load.

Fourth, after the completion of concrete pouring, quality inspection personnel to promptly remind the tanker driver will clean the concrete mixer with water unloading clean.

Fifth, the commercial concrete mixing plant demolition of concrete surface temperature and ambient temperature difference is greater than 20 ¡æ, should take the insulation cover conservation measures.

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