Precautions for maintenance of mobile concrete batching plant


Mobile concrete batching plant in the event of failure maintenance, we must put safety first, to establish the safety of the first thought. Then the mobile concrete batching plant maintenance work need to pay attention to what safety points?

First, the mixing host maintenance operations must be done before the supervision of the operator cut off the power, lock the power distribution cabinet, console warning signs, before the operation. Do not charge the host into the machine.

Second, the belt conveyor system maintenance operations, you must first cut off the power, lock the power distribution cabinet, the key custody by the maintenance personnel. Maintenance, adjustment of operations, it is necessary to operate in the transport system under the state, the two must be present, do preventive measures before they can operate. It is forbidden to work alone.

Third, the high-altitude operations must be a good insurance belt, especially on the powder warehouse operations to tie a good insurance zone, is strictly prohibited without insurance belt for high-altitude operations.

Fourth, the vehicle, loader maintenance operations, you must lay the wheel weir wood, if necessary, to play a good support insurance to prevent the vehicle slipped and jack fell to hurt or damage the equipment.

Fifth, maintenance of electrical work, you must wear insulation protective gear, the two can be present, to prohibit single homework. Maintenance of electrical, monthly to the companys premises of the electricity facilities of the lines, switches, distribution box for a check, timely rectification of the identified problems, and do check the rectification record.

Sixth, the welder in the welding operation to wear a protective protective equipment, careful operation, to prevent burns or stab wounds; equipment on the demolition of welding, to do the necessary preventive measures to prevent damage due to welding other zero part.
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