The unique advantages of large inclination belt conveyor


Talking about the large inclination belt conveyor, giving the first impression is its reliable operation. Can be widely used in a number of continuous operation of the important production units, such as power plant coal transportation, steel mills and cement plant bulk material transport, as well as port ship loading and unloading are used large inclination belt conveyor. If the large inclination belt conveyor in these places failure caused by downtime, then it will be no small loss. large inclination belt conveyors are often in a row to work continuously.

As the material and conveyor belt almost no relative movement, not only to run the resistance is small, but also on the cargo wear and fragmentation are small, high productivity. The large inclination belt conveyor has low power consumption. Which is conducive to reducing production costs.

Large inclination belt conveyor conveyor line flexible, and adaptability. Line length can be determined according to specific requirements. Short a few meters, up to 10km or more. Can be installed in a small tunnel, can also be erected in the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas over.

Large inclination belt conveyor can be received from one or more points, very flexible. It is also possible to discharge the multipoint or several sections. The large inclination belt conveyor becomes a primary transport line when feeding the conveyor belt at a number of points at the same time or at any point in the longitudinal direction of the large inclination belt conveyor through a uniform feed device.

Large inclination belt conveyor unique advantages make it a highly efficient and reliable safety transmission equipment, is widely used in many industries, is one of the important equipment is indispensable.

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