How to solve the problem of long distance belt conveyor slipping


Belt slip is the long distance belt conveyor used in more or less the phenomenon will occur, then, in case of this situation and how to deal with it, the author based on years of experience, the solution summarized as follows:

1. When using a nylon tape or EP belt, you need to adjust the tension stroke, if the trip is not long enough, can also be re-vulcanization.

2. Long distance belt conveyor If you use a heavy hammer tension device, you can increase the weight in the slip, has been added to the belt until the slip. Remember, do not increase too much, so that the belt to withstand excessive tension and break, reduce the belt life.

3. Use a screw tension or hydraulic tension long distance belt conveyor, there can be adjusted slip when the tension to increase the tension. However, when the tension stroke is not enough, the belt appeared permanent deformation, then this section can be removed to re-vulcanization.
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