Common faults of Commercial concrete mixing plant


Commercial concrete mixing plant there are many common problems, if the week on the ground maintenance, it is easier to find a little situation, then the commercial concrete mixing plant will appear what the situation?

In the maintenance of the mixing station on weekdays, the main working hours are stopped after the concrete to stop doing. After stopping the rotation of the mixing station for ten seconds, turn off the main power, and then turn the large pulley with the hand plate. Try to make it easy to turn it for a week. If you can, you can control the reversal Of the valve is not destroyed, and vice versa, then prove that this place has been needed for repair, need to ask the relevant personnel to timely replacement. In addition, it is possible to infer whether the reverse control valve of the concrete mixing plant has been damaged by the outlet located below the pressure button. In the usual case, the main power brake to break down after ten seconds, should be a little gas discharge or no direct gas discharge, if there has been in a wind out and until the next start to end, you can prove Reverse valve is damaged.
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