The characteristics of the large inclination belt conveyor


The large inclination belt conveyor is composed of an upper belt grabber and a lower belt harvester. Its main features are:

1. With the multi-point arrangement along the line to overcome the random changes in the band point, it is difficult to determine the drawbacks of the location of the collision.

2. Using a single catcher backstop trigger electro-hydraulic control circuit, and then trigger all the catcher to achieve capture action, not only to overcome the challenges of the capture point, but also to solve the mechanical failure of the capture device can not be triggered simultaneously Of the practical problems, greatly improving the reliability of the fault with the capture, reducing the local trigger the uneven force caused by the belt injury probability.

3. Working body adopts the form of partial cross-section brake, the eccentric wheel can swing, the gate block adaptability.

4. Take contact with the tape trigger mode, trigger action directly reliable.

5. To meet the needs of the installation in the constant adjustment, to ensure the reliability of the work of the fault with a catcher.

6. To expand the scope of application, the normal work when the roller used, and both anti-deviation function, the installation and maintenance to do with the use of tape, broken or backstop failure when the protection of strip.

7. With large inclination belt conveyor to stop running and catch the work of interlocking function.
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