Long distance belt conveyor vary of belt speed in different situations


Long distance belt conveyor in different operating conditions, the need to change the belt speed in a timely manner, especially in the daily maintenance or in the belt during the operation according to the amount of transport also need to change the speed of the long distance belt conveyor, this function is Through the inverter to achieve, the inverter is the most important drive system equipment, but also the control system needs to control the most important equipment, the inverter main control motor speed. Before the start of the belt, given a different frequency, observe the belt after the stability of the belt speed, observe the belt speed is changed, so that speed control function.

Another important function of the inverter is soft start soft stop, set a fixed frequency, set the frequency of the various parameters, given the appropriate start acceleration time, so that the speed increases slowly with the frequency increase, and in accordance with a given start Curve start, such as S-curve, long distance belt conveyor slow speed, so that not only the impact of small mechanical and electrical equipment, and will not start directly because the motor will suddenly appear more than the rated current several times the current, this will bring the power grid A great impact, so that the grid system is very unstable, which will impact the other electricity load, these are we do not want to see.

Power balance is a very important point of this project, but also an important measure of the stability of the control system, according to the edited power balance subroutine to observe the power output of the main motor, and a long time with the load changes in the case of observation power Balance adjustment, if the power balance adjustment is not ideal, such as the emergence of motor overcurrent caused by downtime, or the motor power fluctuations are too large, on the one hand check the reducer or drive roller part to see if the mechanical part of the lead , If these are normally careful to carefully detect the power balance fuzzy controller program part, carefully analyzed and modified, can make the long distance belt conveyor running smoothly.

In order to make the control system to create greater economic benefits, the goal of this paper is to achieve the existing long distance belt conveyor according to different carrying capacity to achieve different operating speed, to reduce the power of the two parts of the commissioning can meet the control requirements Consumption, for enterprises to reduce costs, so the test need to edit two procedures, a program no energy-saving part of the adjustment, and the other part of the energy-saving adjustment procedures, first of all to ensure that the carrying capacity is basically the case, the first operation without energy-saving part of the Program, after a long run, and regularly record the consumption of electricity, and then run the energy-saving part of the program, run-time with no energy-saving adjustment procedures, the same record of different state consumption of electricity, and finally to record the data comparison , Calculate the energy-saving effect, and finally calculate the economic benefits of reduced investment.

General motor with the load power consumption of about 75% of the rated power when the motor is the most efficient, in the case of light belt load, the unit time to reduce the belt speed, the equivalent of an increase in the long distance belt conveyor , This time to improve the motor operating efficiency. At the same time in the case of the same load, according to the relationship between the above torque and power, speed reduction also reduces the load power, so choose the right speed not only can improve the motor operating efficiency, can play the role of energy saving.
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