The working principle of mobile concrete mixing plant


What is the working principle of mobile concrete mixing plant?
The mobile concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of mixer, material weighing system, material transportation system, material storage system and control system. There are two main types of agitator mains, which are forced mixing and self-falling agitations. The method is often used. It is capable of rational mixing of all types of concrete, including fluidity, semi-dry, dry Hard concrete, and since the fall can only stir the flow of concrete.
 In the modern mixing station, the material weighing system is essential to the key part, including three parts of the weighing aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing, under normal circumstances the mixing station weighing system work Principle: less than 20 cubic meters per hour then use the superposition of weighing, more than 50 cubic meters then use the material independent weighing method.
 Material delivery system is also a very important component, generally divided into aggregate transport, powder delivery, liquid transport and so on. The material storage system is almost the same in the mobile concrete mixing plant, the aggregate is placed in the open air, the powder is completely enclosed steel structure storage, the admixture is stored in the steel structure container.
 The control system is the most important part of the mobile concrete mixing plant equipment. Under normal circumstances, according to the size of the mixing station and the different requirements of the user to carry out the design, the general construction site of the small mixing station to be simple, large mixing station system to be more complex.
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