Acceptance of mobile concrete batching plant standards


If you are the person in charge of the technician or the batching station, how should you determine if the mobile concrete batching plant is qualified?
1. If the mixer of the mobile concrete batching plant is from the fall-type mixing cylinder, then its discharge buckle radial runout does not exceed 1% of the diameter of the inlet, but also check the quality of the steel mesh on the blender screen Mesh and the reasonable size of the screen and check the installation accuracy of the screen;
2. The mobile concrete batching plant transmission system should be flexible, no abnormal sound;
3. mobile concrete batching plant equipment in the belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever shovel and other transmission to be smooth, flexible operation, the brake can be high, no abnormal noise, no card chain;
4. Check the measurement system is also very important, to check the measurement system sensitivity and accuracy;
5. Metering bucket into the material to be smooth, there is no accumulation of materials, such as material;
6. There is a mobile concrete batching plant safety valve can not appear leak phenomenon; cement tank quality qualified; matching line installation should be reasonable, the equipment should be installed correctly.
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