Heat Treatment and Modification of Roller Spare Parts of large inclination belt conveyor


The height of the drive shaft of the large inclination belt conveyor is unchanged, and the horizontal section is raised by 800mm. The angle of the slope of the belt is adjusted and the curved rail is replaced. The fixed rail can be changed to the left or right or up and down the regulation of the track, and the bracket structure to strengthen, to prevent deformation. In the process of large dip angle belt conveyor operation, if the wheel is found to have to adjust the rails, loosen the M14 ¡Á 50 bolts, move the 12 # channel to 120mm long to the right position, tighten the bolts. This adjustment process takes only a few minutes to complete.

The angle of the welding on the column of the large inclination belt conveyor is a longitudinal long hole, and the angle on the rail is the horizontal hole. When the rail is adjusted left and right, only need to release the bolt to move the rail horizontally on the angle of the column. If you need to adjust the high angle belt conveyor rail height, you can in the column on the angle between the steel and rails to adjust the horn to adjust, save time and convenient.

As the large inclination belt conveyor roller spare parts surface is not heat treatment, hardness is not enough, running the wheel wear serious, resulting in a high degree of difference between the two sides of the chain bucket. Therefore, the transformation of the wheel spare parts with 45 # steel car system, and its surface quenching, so that the surface hardness of HRC45 ~ 55. large inclination belt conveyor roller bearings installed with dust cover 6305 radial ball bearings, and in the roller plus extreme pressure high temperature composite aluminum grease, so that you can avoid the operation of fine dust particles into the bearing inside, So that the wheel in the high dust working environment can be a long time normal operation.

The upper side plate and the upper cover of the large inclination belt conveyor are tightly sealed and the 700 mm of the lower side of the large inclination belt conveyor is changed into the movable form to facilitate the regular slagging of the bottom of the large inclination belt conveyor. With the appropriate angle, the steel belt on the large inclination belt conveyor reducer base reinforcement, to improve the strength of the base to ensure that its operation can carry a large enough impact, to avoid the occurrence of chain accidents in the operation.

Strengthen the inspection inspection efforts, if found problems, timely downtime. At the same time, the establishment of slag system, every day to fall in the big dip belt conveyor bottom of the ash to clean up. After the transformation of the large inclination belt conveyor has been running so far, there is no serious or even derailment derailment of the phenomenon, nor the occurrence of large inclination belt conveyor failure, as long as the regular inspection and maintenance work twice a month, you can guarantee the big angle belt The stable operation of the conveyor ensures the smooth operation of the power plant slagging system.
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