Analysis of Horizontal Turning Radius of long distance belt conveyor


The turning radius of the long distance belt conveyor was reanalyzed from the new angle, and the radius of curvature associated with the side roll angle, the inclination of the roller set, the elastic modulus of the tape or the bending stiffness, and the width and cross-sectional shape of the tape were derived The calculation formula improves the accuracy of the radius of curvature and reduces the error of the original theoretical analysis. From the plane turning to the space turning, the static design theory of the long distance belt conveyor is discussed in detail. Especially in the study of the plane turning, the balance analysis of the force is taken into account from the overall consideration of the conveyor belt, Updated the theoretical formula to make the design of the long distance belt conveyor closer to reality. The influence of the parameter change on the turning radius of the belt is analyzed. The influence of the change of the tension on the turning radius is the biggest, and the change of the groove angle and the elevation angle is the same as the turning radius. The impact is also a larger conclusion.

This paper analyzes how to use the line friction drive to realize the natural angle of the large angle, and points out that the use of the line friction drive can greatly reduce the starting point tension of the curve segment, thus effectively reducing the radius of curvature of the curve, Put forward the detailed calculation method and the specific design should pay attention to the problem. The dynamic analysis of the plane turning long distance belt conveyor is carried out. Based on the dynamic model, the Wilson-¦È method is used to solve the dynamic problem of the long distance belt conveyor. Finally, the computer simulation is carried out and the linear operation And the results of the turn were compared. This paper analyzes the turning problem of the long distance belt conveyor and the structural characteristics of various turning modes. The design theory of the turning section of the belt steering belt is studied, and the force analysis of the plane turning long distance belt conveyor is obtained. And the calculation method of the load distribution coefficient of the plane turning conveyor is analyzed. The calculation and calculation process of the plane turning and long distance belt conveyor is given through the actual project.

Based on the geometrical analysis and force balance analysis of the conveyor belt at the convex and concave slope, the mathematical model of the turning radius and the turning radius of the concave slope is obtained, and the obtained turning radius is obtained by using other limiting conditions. Check to determine the appropriate turning radius. This paper studies the horizontal turning of T-type long distance belt conveyor. Through the analysis of force, the expression of positive pressure and horizontal turning radius on a single driving point is deduced theoretically. It is proved that the T-shaped long distance belt conveyor Can achieve a small radius of curvature. The stress model of the transition section is analyzed from the perspective of three dimensions, and the equilibrium equation of the normal and tangential direction of the turning section is established under the balance of force.

Although the demand for flat turning belt conveyor belt is increasing, the promotion of flat turning belt conveyor is still relatively slow. The main reason is that theoretical research and technology is not perfect and mature, in addition, the user understanding of this conveyor is not enough.
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