The effect of the increase in the inclination of the slot on Long distance belt conveyor


With the increase of the groove angle, the turning radius of the above-mentioned various types of roller conveyor belt is obviously decreased, but the trend of descending is different. Here, the corresponding map of the three-roller belt conveyor is In order to compare the gap between them, it is found that the change of the three-roller and the influence of the change of the roll angle of the roller on the outside of the roller are very similar to the turning radius. However, the three-roller belt conveyor will not take too much Angle, and the four-roller and five-roller can take a large groove angle, that is, deep groove angle layout, so in order to make the belt conveyor to achieve a smaller turning radius, the use of deep groove angle of the four roller and five roller Is a better choice.

Long distance belt conveyor layout of the three sets of drive unit, the total installed power of 1680kw, using the head and tail multi-point drive the layout of the program, before and after the drive at the same time the arrangement, the machine dual motor drum 1: 1 drive, Motor single drum drive, the drive section with YNRQD series of liquid sticky soft start, better to solve the belt conveyor in the case of heavy load was slow start and adjust the head and tail drive power balance. The use of self-cooling disc brake device and liquid sticky soft start device to achieve a reliable start, braking and security protection, automatic realization of various states of the start, run and stop, to avoid overloading when the start of the car and the impact of start Too large and the occurrence of security incidents. Which head drive to install two 560kw point motor, tail drive to install a 560kw motor.

Belt conveyor consists of conveyor belt, head discharge device, drive device, brake device, roller group, roller group, rack, tensioning device, guide trough, electronic control and protection devices and other major components. Conveyor belt: Conveyor belt type in the belt conveyor from the role of traction and bearing. Conveyor belt selection of steel cord core belt, the main parameters are as follows, the conveyor belt transport 10 million tons of aggregate, no need to replace the joints using vulcanized glue. The drive is the heart and power source of the belt conveyor, which directly affects the stability of the entire belt conveyor, the life of the machine and the cost of manufacturing and use. Driving device mainly by the motor, liquid sticky soft start, reducer, flexible coupling and other components. Motor, soft start, reducer directly installed in the drive base, the soft start through the coupling, respectively, and the motor reducer shaft associated.

Motor can not load start, reduce the impact on electrical and mechanical; can provide adjustable, smooth, no impact of the starting torque; in the multi-motor drive can achieve power balance; belt conveyor overload to achieve automatic overload protection ; Normal operation when the transmission efficiency of up to 100%; to achieve stepless speed regulation, high speed sensitivity to meet the different needs of the work. Belt conveyor full load parking is the most difficult braking conditions, should be set up a reliable braking device to ensure that the normal parking and emergency parking needs. If the brake deceleration is too large to bring the dynamic vibration of the tape, causing the local tension of the tape is too high or too low, may cause the ribbon, local tape sagging and other accidents occur.

The tensioning device is equipped with a hammer type tensioning device to ensure that the conveyor belt has enough tension to prevent slipping and ensure that the tension of the conveyor belt is not lower than a certain value, to avoid the conveyor belt between the roller due to excessive relaxation caused by Caesar Material and increase the running resistance, the device structure is simple, reliable, maintenance of small, arranged at about 150m away from the delivery and head.
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