Daily Work Maintenance of mobile concrete mixing plant


What are the daily work maintenance of mobile concrete mixing plant? Talented sky takes you to know
First, the daily maintenance work
1, to ensure that the machine and the surrounding environment clean.
2, in time to clear the accumulation of material within the hopper, so that the sensor back to normal.
3, check the lubrication point of the oil is sufficient, the gas system in the oil mist should keep enough oil.
4, check the motor, electrical overheating, abnormal noise, whether the instrument is normal, the signal system is intact.
5, often check, adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve, so that open and close meet the requirements.
6, often check the system, if leakage of dust, leakage, oil leakage and leakage phenomena such as timely treatment.
7, mixer and hopper should be cleaned once every four hours, so as to avoid residual concrete consolidation, hinder the normal operation.
8, each class should be free air compressor, gas tank and filter and other internal water, and remove the operation of the failure.
9, butterfly valves, mixers, electromagnetic valves, air filters and oil mist, etc. in accordance with the instructions for maintenance.
 Second, the aggregate supply system maintenance
1, the work must be carried out before each class belt conveyor no-load inspection, clean debris, mud, etc., tighten the various parts of the screw, adjust the belt deviation phenomenon, the rotation should be flexible rotation.
2, electric drum according to the instructions required periodic oil change.
3, the use of six months after the inspection and make up the rotation of the parts at the bearing grease, after a full annual dismantling oil change.
4, the cleaning device often check the adjustment of the skin closer to the belt position to ensure that the cleaning material is normal.
 Third, the measurement system maintenance
1, each class must check the adjustment of the bucket of the soft interface, to maintain the length of the loose, to ensure that the measurement accuracy.
2, after the winter shutdown, the water supply system, the admixture of the water supply all drained.
3, the admixture pump, such as seasonal disabling must be backwash, to prevent the pipeline and the pump additives to accumulate or no solvent.
Fourth, the maintenance of the mixing system Mixer maintenance See "MAO series double horizontal shaft mixer maintenance manual", but the following points to pay special attention to:
1, each class check the shaft seal chamber, the distributor inlet and outlet and sealing pipe is smooth, whether full of grease, the lubrication point and slow down the box whether there is enough oil (grease).
2, each class to observe the electric lubrication pump oil tank is running out of oil, close to run out in time to fill, do not allow oil-free operation.
3, each class work must be fully cleaned inside and outside the mixing cylinder, unloading doors and other materials, and rinse with water, rinse the adhesive material should be chiseled regularly.
4, the mixing of the mixing blade must be tightened once a week to prevent the leaves off the cause of the accident.
 5, powder supply system maintenance
1, every week must be cementing the dust collector in the device vibrator several times, the dust bag (filter rod) on the sticky ash cleared to ensure smooth running.
2, the inlet conveyor pipe wall, screw conveyor outlet must be cleaned once a week to prevent hard agglomeration and debris blocking card and the lack of material failure.
3, do not use a long time to empty the screw inside the screw machine.
4, the screw conveyor head ball bearings, the middle of the bearing bearing every four hours must be filled with grease once (WAM screw machine without grease), the tail gearbox for the first time to work for 500 hours, after the annual replacement A grease (No. 100 lithium grease).
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