Large inclination belt conveyor Requirements for Reducer and Motor


The interface for sensor mounting varies depending on the type of gear unit and the motor used by the large inclination belt conveyor. Therefore, the reducer sensor mounting position is determined after sufficient investigation. Due to the special environment in which the large inclination belt conveyor belt is in a special environment, the sensor will inevitably come into collision or damage. In order to ensure that the sensor is damaged (mainly refers to the sensor signal line and circuit leakage) Gas environment explosion, the sensor power supply and transmission signals are required to meet the intrinsically safe requirements. In other words, the sensor itself should be at least the intrinsically safe sensor, and the sensor power supply should meet the intrinsically safe requirements.

Fault diagnosis is to determine the operation of the large inclination belt conveyor or abnormal situation. It is divided into two layers of meaning, one is in the large inclination belt conveyor before the failure occurred, the operation of the equipment to predict and forecast; the second is after the failure of the equipment, the fault location, cause, type and extent to make judgments, And set out maintenance decisions. Its main tasks include fault detection, identification, evaluation, estimation and decision making. The fault diagnosis method includes two kinds of fault diagnosis methods based on mathematical model and fault diagnosis method based on artificial intelligence. Based on the neural network and information fusion technology, the basic principle of neural network and information fusion is described. At the same time, the fault diagnosis example based on neural network and the fault diagnosis based on evidence theory are given.

Large inclination belt conveyor neural network according to the different connections between neurons can be divided into two categories: no feedback to the network and the combination of the network. The non-feedback forward network consists of an input layer, an intermediate layer, and an output layer, where the middle layer can consist of several layers, and each layer of neurons can only receive the output of the previous layer of neurons. Each of the two neurons in the interconnected network can be connected, and the input signal is to be repeated between the neurons. After several changes, the large inclination belt conveyor tends to be in a stable state or into other states such as periodic oscillation
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