Analysis on Operation Condition of Large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor work to determine how the operation, the following to let you know.
(1) no-load and light load start. No-load and light-load start Although the two different working conditions, but there are similar operating conditions of electric work. For this reason, the load state is judged at the time of starting.

(2) reload power. Overload start means that the bearing surface carries the rated material or near the rated material, then start the conveyor for the reload start condition. From the command issued by the brake, the detection system work, by the material gravity of the downstream component of the traction conveyor from the car running, the detection speed and the motor speed close to the synchronous speed, the motor input, for the negative operation state, to the rated belt After the speed, the conveyor into the normal operating conditions.

(3) normal operation. When the conveyor starts normally, the acceleration is measured by the detection system, the speed reaches the rated value, and after a certain time delay, the loading point starts to load, the control system enters the closed-loop control state, and the conveyor enters the normal operation condition.

(4) overspeed brake. In the course of operation, due to the loading of the non-uniformity and poor use of conditions, resulting in traffic and operating resistance was dynamic variables, resulting in a larger downward load and a certain speed of rapid operation, resulting in speeding. If not to stop will fly. Therefore, the conditions need to set the speed protection and take the braking measures to curb the development of speeding, this is the speed brake conditions.

(5) no-load normal shutdown. When the conveyor is unloaded, it will be stopped by the setting procedure. Delayed downtime due to running resistance to overcome the inertia force and automatically slow down, when the speed down to 0.15m/s, the brake system into the gradual stop.

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