Maintenance method of commercial concrete mixing plant cylinder


What are the defects of the commercial concrete mixing plant in operation? Now the people who value this question are increasing, but also because in the days of attention to the engineering commercial concrete mixing plant people continue to increase. Now the role of concrete mixing stations in the day and the performance of the performance is more and more important. In order to be able to give us some help, the following gives us about the concrete commercial concrete mixing plant in the operation of the defects are what?
Gas source defects
This defect first occurs in air compressors as well as valves and piping and compressed air handling components. Because the pressure is not high, usually the pressure regulating spring will show cracking and diaphragm separation, this time we must be replaced in a timely manner. As the pressure rises slowly, it is usually the case where the filter is clogged and should always be cleaned.
Cylinder defects
Because there are cylinders inside the cylinder there are leaks of the scene, usually because the piston rod device is bitter, short supply of lubricating oil, seals and seal ring wear or damage, the cylinder has impurities and piston rods have injuries, etc. composed of. We should be timely to adjust the direction of the base of the piston rod, engineering concrete mixing station, often check the reliability of the oil mist, but also in a timely manner to clean.
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