Maintenance of Whole Structure of mobile concrete mixing plant


How the overall structure of the mobile concrete mixing plant is maintained.
¢Å after each operation, the mixing station as personnel should pick up the protection of the project:
¢Ù Pick up the concrete inside and outside the fouling tank wall, unloading mouth, mixing shaft and unloading door on the concrete residue, the water will be these local flushing clean, if necessary, can be put into a small number of stones and water after a few minutes of stirring. Water washing car, additive tank and its supply system.
¢Ú freezing season, the end of the operation should be put out of the pump, additive pump, water tank, additive tank, water, additives pipeline in the residual water, additives to prevent damage to the pump and its pipeline, and the installation of water pump additives Pump operation 1-2 minutes.
¢Æ mobile concrete mixing plant to view the protection items per week:
¢Ù manual pump is not required to add a smooth grease;
¢Ú smooth points are necessary to smooth operation;
  Note: The smooth points are located in the mixer shaft, the storage hopper and weighing bucket door axis, tape transport, machine wheel, pressure roller, roller, bearing, transmission chain, screw shaft, the lower end bearing and host gear The
¢Û to see the blade, scraper, stirring arm, such as the wear and tear when necessary to adjust the gap or replacement.
¢Ü check the vibrator coupling bolt with or without loose phenomenon;
¢Ý Check the air compressor crankcase inside the smooth oil quality. Replace if necessary;
¢Þ check the electrical contactor, base relay static contact is not damaged and burned;
¢Ç regularly check the protection of the project to see the discharge door seal space, when the space is too large should be adjusted, sealed space is usually allocated in 2mm.
¢Ù leaves are usually in the still can be scheduled (including turn 180 ¡æ after the first adjustment) to continue to use. When the liner is fixed with a countersunk head, the liner should be replaced when exposed to the outer surface of the liner;
¢Ú see the reducer is not a smooth transformation, or less than the requirements of the rules, if necessary, add or replace;
¢Û view large gear mill;
¢Ü damage situation;
¢Ý on the water supply, additive system for the inspection may not have leak phenomenon;
¢Þ supporting parts, such as electric, gear deceleration, cylinder, vibrator, air filter, etc. according to the normal and reference to the manufacturer is instructions for the protection of repair;
¢ß mixing station equipment, half a year should be protected once, see all the bolts to connect some of the reliability, overhaul period is usually 4000 hours of assignment should be overhaul once.
¢È repair and protection of the belt conveyor:
¢Ù Reducing the internal installation of the motor 150 constitute the extreme pressure industrial gear oil, oiling must be in accordance with the nameplate in the value. Excessive or too little oil will affect the power of the electric drum and normal operation. Electric drum in the work 200-300 hours later to replace the drum, every 500 hours after the oil change once, change the oil should be in the two oil plug with the spin open, and rotate the drum, so that the lowest position, until the motor Internal oil is fully discharged.
¢Ú tail tension roller bearing chamber write ZG-5 calcium grade grease, and in the screw coated with grease. After each class class, should promptly pick up the bottom of the tape, roller and roller surface residue.
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