Anti - reverse Control Strategy of large inclination belt conveyor


As a main transport on the transport of large inclination belt conveyor belt under heavy load, prone to load shutdown, tape reversal, broken belt down accident, resulting in rack damage, equipment damage, and even casualties, and site cleanup workload, the consequences Serious, therefore, the section of the large inclination belt conveyor for anti-reverse control strategy to prepare for suffering.

On the transport of large inclination belt conveyor for anti-reverse and broken belt protection strategy, most of the use of arresters, but the actual effect is not good. Application of unidirectional roller, when the tape on the roller when the roller with the rotation, between the tape and the roller between the rolling friction, and when the belt tape on the tape down, the roller can not be reversed, between the tape and the roller Sliding friction, in order to achieve braking. Most of the material of the tape is rubber, the roller material is steel, the static friction coefficient between the two is 0.9, the dynamic friction coefficient is generally 0.6 to 0.8. In addition, the inclination of the conveyor belt is generally below 18 ¡ã and the inclination is 12 ¡ã, tan12 ¡ã = 0.2125 <0.45. This indicates that when the belt is slipping, it will prevent the upper and lower belts from slipping as long as the rollers do not rotate and the damping plate is mounted on the rack. Consider the actual working conditions on the tape, sometimes the actual conditions of water, according to the experimental determination, tape and roller between the sliding friction coefficient in the actual water conditions are 0.45 or more.

Through the actual working conditions to verify that by replacing more than 53% of the one-way idler can be achieved to prevent the tape belt down and large inclination belt conveyor reversal. Improved to achieve: to enhance the safety factor of tape operation to prevent the decline caused by a major cause of the accident, effectively reduce the tape with the expected tension, easy troubleshooting. Semi-continuous mining technology of the large inclination belt conveyor conveyor system, large inclination belt conveyor belt life is very short, the prevalence of conveyor belt impact, the material relative to the tape feeding uneven, tape wear and impact damage, direct Affect the efficiency of the entire transport system.

The smaller belt speed can reduce the accelerated displacement of the material, the material to accelerate the displacement of the decline can be achieved to reduce the wear and tear tape; It can be seen, the funnel large inclination belt conveyor actual conditions should be taken as small as possible speed. The main resistance of the large inclination belt conveyor is caused by the press, reducing the belt speed and increasing the operating resistance of the total resistance of the ratio is minimal, will not lead to increased tape strength. To reduce the wear and tear of the tape, the speed should be as low as possible. The speed of the tape feeder directly affects the service life of the tape, and it is related to the transportation capacity of the mine. The height of the funnel belt of the large inclination belt conveyor is reasonable. According to the experience of the mine, the speed shall not exceed 1.25m / s, The initial feed belt speed v = 0.5 ~ 1m / s.

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