Commercial concrete Mixing Station Responsibilities for Logistics


The so-called "troops and horses did not move, forage first", logistics in the military has a significant role in the commercial concrete mixing plant business in the same significance. What is the daily work of the logistics department? What is the impact of the work of the Logistics Section on the operation of the mixing plant? Please look at the job duties of the logistics staff and the logistics manager.
(1) library staff
Implement the documents and requirements of the higher authorities.
Responsible for the concrete mixing station office supplies, labor insurance supplies, printing supplies procurement, storage, custody, payment work.
Responsible for the concrete mixing plant small tools storage, storage, distribution work.
(2) logistics manager
Responsible for the mixing of canteen food and the monthly settlement of the work.
Responsible for the mixing plant office area, dormitory area, bathroom, toilet sanitation and supervision work.
Responsible for the procurement and distribution of daily sundries for concrete mixing plants.
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